Into the Meadow Collection from Little Lizard King



Let’s talk about the new “Into the Meadow” collection coming from Little Lizard King.  Cassie of Lilyshine and Jane of Not Sew Plain Jane have created a collection that can easily and beautifully fill your daughter’s closet with pieces she will love and adore.  All the patterns have lots of features that allow them to transition between seasons.  The collection features:

  • Magnolia: all knit dress/top with a circle skirt (so twirly!!!)
  • Willow flare pants/ cuffed shorts: pairs beautifully with the other patterns in this collect, also offered low rise and at waist rise
  • Hazel: a tiered dress and top &  I am STILL drooling over Jane’s amazing yellow Hazel
  • Woodland Belle: woven top/ dress with hi-low option for the top


The Woodland Belle can be a hi-low top and a dress.  There are flared sleeves or elbow length sleeves that are wonderful as is… but would also be gorgeous with button tabs or an added ruffle.  The hi-low top was sewn up by the incredibly talented Andrea at Red Clover Red Clover, who also shared her fabulous photography skills.


The Woodland Belle also features no closures for a super quick sew.  My DD typically gets really cranky without closures as she doesn’t like things being tugged off and on her person.  We were able to easily and smoothly get the woodland belle on and off.  My daughter LOVED the Woodland Belle, and got tons of compliments on it.


And don’t forget the Lizard Queen Showcase on October 17, 2016… I have seen some sneaks and I promise you don’t want to miss out on these beauties.



Winnie Pinnie: Summer Perfection!


I am so excited to be blogging for the Winnie Pinnie blog tour.  Little Lizard King’s Winne Pinnie is so precious, you think, WHY would you hack it – it is PERFECT as is.  I get it, really I do… it is just sometimes you want to see if you can successfully hack it.  The challenge can be so much fun!


Using my Riley Blake Saltwater, I made the Winnie following all the directions – EXCEPT skirt length.  I did the 6 bodice, and an 8 length.  I may be in the minority on this, but I really LOVE tea length dresses, even on littles. What I love even more than the look – is the practicality.  My little one grows taller, but her chest measurement hasn’t changed a lot.  So starting with a tea length dress this year, means we will have a knee length dress next year.  Yes, it IS brilliant, especially when you REALLY love the fabric the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Riley Blake line.  And the Saltwater collection is PERFECTION, and little Miss Elsa looks adorable in it.  Open backs and mermaids, a perfect summer day!


I loved the back of Winnie Pinnie, and I really wanted to make it into a top because seriously, that back! And it is a perfect showcase for my favorite Bethany Lane customized buttons.  Those buttons are like Frank’s hot sauce, I put that “stuff” on everything 😉


Again, I used a 6 bodice, and added a size 6 peplum from LLK’s Harbor using the instructions from the harbor.  It was a great fit on Miss Ana, and I love the open back for summer.  Is there anything sweeter than a seersucker open-backed top for summer?


As always, thanks to these precious girls for all their modeling efforts.  Thanks to the Incredible Andrea of Red Clover Red Clover for sharing her photography talents, check out her amazing sewing skills as well.  And thanks the incredible women at LLK for letting me participate in the blog tour.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s amazing stops on the Winnie Pinnie Blog Tour.


Happy Sewing!




New pattern from the creative mind behind one of your fabric fabric shops, One Red Blossom


There is always something special about a first.  First words… First steps… First sewing lesson…First completed sewing projects… First completed sewing projects when you were happy with the final product.


Well, the incredibly talented Wei of One Red Blossom is releasing her FIRST pattern called the Best in Class Dress. You can get your own copy here.  And if you haven’t checked out One Red Blossom for fabric, then RUN and check it out… she even has a section on hard to find and out of print fabric #enableralert  #youvebeenwarned.


I was lucky enough to test the Best in Class dress,  and I LOVE it…  I made a straight size 6, though there are also slim sizes available letting you customize for a perfect fit.  I used Andover – Ex Libris – Bookplate in Indigo for the skirt and bodice and Andover – Ex Libris – Historical Fiction in Strawberry for the straps…and BOTH are available for sale at One Red Blossom.


This was my first time sewing with Andover Fabrics, and absolutely not my last.  Buying fabric online can be a challenge for me as the texture of the fabric is important to the little darlings for whom I sew.  The fabric washed up beautifully and the colors were as vibrant after being washed as they were before I washed it.  I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the fabric and the texture was AMAZING!   I *may* now have a big wish list of Andover fabric… but that is another story. 😉


Now – for the pattern details.  The construction is easy to follow.   The sweet heart neckline is divine.  I will admit I was a bit intimidated about those curves, but I followed the instructions and they came out beautifully.  Remember to clip like your life depends on it – and it will be perfect!!! The straps and size of the bodice will make this a great stash buster as well for funky little fabric mixup dresses… or that incredibly expensive piece of fabric that you only bought a little of.


The dress is gorgeous and is equally beautiful when layered over a long sleeved shirt as some of the testers pictures showed.  The dress is assembled with an elastic back and the tie-back length allowing the fit to be adjusted by making a bigger or smaller bow.  I think that is a great feature, as it allows your darling to wear the dress longer, or even the sharing of dresses between siblings.  #mamawin


I would like to thank Wei for letting me test!  I love the pattern, and it was a lot of fun.  I would also like to thank the incredibly talented Andrea of RedClover RedClover, not only does she sew beautifully and create amazing custom dresses, she is a beautiful photographer and I am grateful she shares her talents with me.  And special thank you to the ever gorgeous Miss Anna, who brings such beautiful life to everything she wears.  Happy Sewing!!!


Merry & MOD: Fun Frocks for the Holidays and Beyond



Hello again!!!  It is nearly Christmas time, which of course means the arrival of long – awaited patterns with sleeves!!!  YEAH!!!  I am going to tell you all a secret… I hate the cold… as in LOATHE the cold.  I could hibernate all winter.  I won’t even get started on snow.  But since I hate the cold so much, I rarely sew with sleeves.  It is my own personal boycott to make summer clothes all year round and layer them.  While I will not ever get over my dislike of the cold, I am THRILLED to say I am over my sleeve boycott thanks to Merry and MOD, the 2 newest patterns from very talented Cassie of Little Lizard King.  Please note though, of the 4, yes FOUR I made for this blog post only two have real sleeves, which is still a lot of progress for me. 😉


I love fancy Christmas dresses, and Merry and MOD make GORGEOUS dresses.  Check out the various tester pics here to see amazing tester pics. When I am buying a pattern though, I want OPTIONS (not a 1 occasion pattern)… and Merry and MOD are LOADED with options.  Here are a few of my favorite options:



  • Sleeve options: sleeveless,
  • Pleated or you can gathered skirt using the length in the pattern and your desired fabric width
  • Bodice perfect for detailing with embroidery,  trim, or even the Peggy Sue Bib
  • Button back closure, perfect for a statement button (afraid of your button holer?  I’ll share the elastic loop trick so you won’t need to button hole at all!  plus detailed instructions are also in the MOD pattern


  • Sleeve options: angel wing, cap, 3/4 , cap, 3/4 , and long (keep reading and I will tell you how to add sleeveless and flutter  to these options!)
  • Neckline perfect for embroidery
  • Button placket length of dress
  • Works well with solids or LOUD even need to make a button hole, prints… even character fabric for a quick present



What do you say about Merry?  She is gorgeous!  I liked the idea of using bright springy fabric for a long sleeve dress, a “I’m-ready-for-warm-weather” mind trick to be sure!  I let my darling pick out the fabric for this dress, and it was a proud mommy moment that it worked so well together.  (The fabric is by springmaid, premium cotton at Joanns).  If you choose non directional fabric for the skirt, you will use much less fabric.  🙂 The directions are clear and logical, like we have all come to know and love from LLK.  If pleating makes you nervous – then this is a great first pattern.  The pleating guide and instructions are really helpful.

merry back

The only deviation I made from the pattern instructions was to use the elastic loop so that I could use one of my BELOVED Bethany Lane “you are my sunshine” buttons.  I had to adjust the length of the elastic a few times.  To get a length of loop I liked, I laid the bodice down,  placed the button where I wanted it.  I measured the length from the edge of the fabric (where the loop would be) to holes in the button (for example 1 inch).  Double that length to get to the holes and back, and then add 1 inch for the seam allowance (2inches+ 1 inch SA = 3 inches. I usually add ¼ to ½ inch more for wiggle room.  Clear as mud?  You can also use the instructions in MOD, as the designer’s directions are clearer than my button size-dependent method.




Have I mentioned to you all how much I LOVE buttons.  I used to spend hours playing in my mothers button tin as a little girl, and not much has changed.  MOD has the sweetest button up back, allowing you to embellish to your hearts content.  If, however, your heart doesn’t sing when you see this row of buttons, Cassie also included an optional closed back option in which you can use a piece of elastic instead and remove any need for a button hole.  As you can see here – both are GORGEOUS.  I let my darling pick out her fabric for the first MOD, and she choose this fabric, also by springmaid at Joanns.  The instructions were great, the angelwing fit perfectly into the armhole.  I did the narrow hem on the sleeve, but if burning your fingers off isn’t your thing (or it it is only me who does that), you can also to a rolled hem on your serger 🙂 The MOD is perfect for trim, and since it is an Aline (not a gathered) you will use less trim on the sweet little hemline.  There is about 3 yards on this size 6.  I just love this dress so much, I wish it were my size!angelmodAdditional Options


Flutter Sleeve Option


For me, nothing is sweeter than flutter sleeves.  The years in ruffles are so short, my motto is #ruffleeverything.  And the same for flutter sleeves, I add those to everything.  Also – as I have gotten more comfortable in my sewing, I like to swap pattern pieces.  It helps me to swap within the same pattern company so the SA will be the same for both patterns.  Lucky for me, there are lots of great LLK patterns to choose pieces from.  Here – I used the flutters from LLK’s fairy flutter dress, and attached them to outside shoulder seam before I sewed the main fabric to the lining.  DO NOT SEW SIDE SEAMS—TRUST ME!!! Here is where I go rogue 😉  I sewed the curve of each arm hole next and clip close to the seam every ¼ inch all the way across the curve.  Then I flipped the bodice to get the right sides facing out, pulling the individual sides CAREFULLY though to the front bodice.  I pressed everything here to get a nice crisp look. THEN, positioned the fabric with the right sides together and sewed up the side seams.  Now – you can go back to the pattern direction at that point.  I choose the optional closed back because I really wanted to use this Bethany Lane “I love you” button. EasyPeezy!  I think I will make half a dozen of these with the flutter sleeves.


From my early days of sewing – I could do a dress in size 3 with a yard of fabric.  Now that I am sewing up 6s, there are not many dresses I can make with 1 yard.  I used something solid for the lining, and so my 1 yard of this fabric was just enough to make a size 6 dress.  🙂  YEAH ME!!!

Reversible Option

reversible MOD

DISCLAIMER – In addition to the cold, I also loath Barbie.  I know, I know.  My little darling likes Barbie and has wanted a Barbie dress.  I had the fabric, but have been putting off making it.  I didn’t want to spend a lot of time with fabric I didn’t love.  As I read the MOD instructions, I also wanted to see if I could make MOD reversible, and you CAN!  A reversible MOD seemed like the perfect time to use that Barbie fabric as well as some much loved ballet fabric.  And surprisingly to me, the reversible one was the quickest sew for me.  #mommywin  To make it reversible, it needs to be sleeveless.  Instead of cutting lining pieces, cut the front and both back pieces in the second material of your choice.  Assemble at the shoulder seams per pattern instructions.  Again – DO NOT SEW SIDE SEAMS!!! (my seam ripper and I had a LOT of quality time making these dresses, learn from my mistakes!)  Again – this is where I deviated from the pattern.  I sewed the curve of each arm hole and CLIP-CLIP-CLIP.  Then I flipped the bodice, pulling the individual sides CAREFULLY though to the front bodice.  I pressed everything here to get a nice crisp look. THEN, positioned the fabric with the right sides together and sewed up the side seams.  Now – you can go back to the pattern directions at that point.  Make sure to use the optional closed back.  I think conceptually the long button placket would work, but the kiddo would be sitting on 2 rows of buttons, and that might not make them very happy.  I added ribbon to each side of the dress – which can easily be done before hemming, just be careful to tuck the side not being used WAY up into the dress.  To hem, I ironed each side up ½ inch, and then pinned together and sewed all the way around the hemline.  Voile!  A reversible dress.


I want to thank the incredible talented Cassie of LLK for letting me test Merry and for letting me blog them both. I want to thank the BEYOND amazing Andrea of Red Clover Red Clover for her continued generosity in sharing her photography talent.  And, since I get to see and examine her beautiful customs, I can tell you she is JUST as amazing with her sewing machine as she is her camera.  I also want to thank the adorable Miss Anna and Miss Elsa for modeling for me.  It does not get any cuter than these dolls!

all options

Click below to enter rafflecopter to win you own free copies of Merry and Mod. 🙂  #merryandmod #makealltheoptions.

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Oh Luna I love you so…


“Let me tell you ’bout a girl I know, She is my baby, and…That’s why I know, yes, I know, Hallelujah, I just love her so (~Ray Charles)” … Oh Luna, I love you so (~Me).

You KNOW you have made something AMAZING when a song pops into your head when you are finishing your hem and you get that first glimpse of your finished dress. And thank you Ray Charles, I couldn’t have said it better myself, “Hallelujah, I love (Luna) so.”


Let me tell you all, THE Brownie Goose has outdone herself this time. We all have our favorite Brownie Goose patterns… I have been split between #TeamTilly and #TeamLazySusan from the beginning of my BG days. While I feel a little disloyal, I have to say, move over ladies! Mama has a new love and it is REAL serious! I am now officially #teamLuna (and I am completely envisioning a #team “discussions” MrBig/Aidan or Edward/Jacob style — complete with shirts).


We all look for different things when we are looking at new patterns, and one of my evaluating Questions is “is this pattern substantially different than other patterns I have?” For Luna, the answer is yes! Now – what makes Luna special? I am glad you asked! Luna has a yoke with enclosed seams (a must for any kiddo with texture preferences, SPD, OCD). Luna’s yoke is PERFECT for that fancy ribbon and trim that you have been hoarding. The yoke is a great focal point to show off all kinds of embellishments. (And Luna is a great motivator to learn hand embroidery!!!)


Luna has princess seams, which were a first for me. Luna’s side panels let you get creative with fabric. Some of the testers used AMAZING fabric choices to really showcase all the potential that these panels could bring to your finished dress.   You can see those here in the Brownie-Goose Lovers FB group. I love longer dresses and add length to nearly everything I sew. I did not add any length here – but it is important to note that there are great tutorials in the pattern for changing the length of the dress and sleeves.


Now … one of the unique design features of Luna is the blousy shape, which affects the size you would choose. My DD was between sizes, and so as I usually do, I choose the bigger size. I am happy that I did as I am hoping for 2 Christmases out of the dress. Choosing the bigger size and doing a narrow hem added 2-3 inches, which again – I LOVE.  Since we all have hemline preferences, I thought it was important to share.  But if you are between sizes, and prefer a more fitted or shorter look, then I would suggest choosing the smaller of the two sizes.


If you haven’t sewn ribbons before – check out this blog on working with ribbons. I learned a LOT about sewing jacquard ribbons, including that need to sew the whole ribbon in the same direction, ie from the top down every place that you are sewing the ribbon.

When I set out to make this dress, I wanted to make a beautiful Christmas dress with the flavor of an old Santa robe.  Robert Kaufman has a cotton/ color card with samples of all 303 colors—you are welcome. 😉 To get the look I was hoping for, I used Robert Kaufman fabrics (YUM!) Kona Cotton in RED (K001-1308) for the entire dress. I used Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend Flax (E024-1143).  Both matched the French General jacquard ribbon perfectly. I *may* have done a happy dance for picking a color in the cotton/linen fabric online that matched the ribbon so well. I also added the ruffle at the cuff from the BG Betsy pattern. The time where kiddos willingly wear ruffles is so short, my philosophy is ruffle EVERYTHING.


I am all about the little details when I sew. I could spend HOURS picking the perfect buttons…HOURS I tell you. These vintage mother-of-pearl buttons were perfect for the back closure. And while you can’t see it, these were my first PERFECT button holes— YEAH!


The testers all had such different interpretations of Luna, and each was incredible. To me this means, if I want a less elegant Luna in character fabric, it will STILL be beautiful. #makeallthelunas


Clearly I am crushing hard on the newest BG pattern. You will soon be able to get her at the Brownie Goose shop, and you will fall in love too.   Thanks so much Amy for allowing me to test and blog Luna! Love her!  Thank you to Merav (and hubby) for their incredible late night tech support, you need superhero capes for that rescue!  Thank you to the INCREDIBLE Andrea of Redclover Redclover. She is an amazing seamstress, photographer, and friend, and I am grateful for her.   And thank you to the effervescent Miss Anna, who’s beautiful smile could make me buy anything!

Enter here to to win your own FREE copy of Luna

The Roadtrip Racerback – by Little Lizard King


Purse:   √

Sunscreen: √

Snack for the road:  √

Outfit that will be comfy even for those in a car seat:  √√


Hi everyone!  I am so excited to tell you about the ROADTRIP Racerback dress/ tunic.  There are SO MANY things to LOVE about this pattern.  I really want to point out the fit around the arms.  The store bought racerback tanks I have purchased all have gaped and flashed, so they sit in the bottom of a drawer for paint clothes.  The roadtrip racer back fit is pattern perfection, even for this Mama Bear.  You can get your own copy here: LLK’s Road Trip Racerback.


Not having a sash allows for comfortable car travel, which is even more important on long car rides, especially for little ones in car and booster seats.


The bodice is knit and the skirt can be knit or woven.  It is GORGEOUS both ways.  If sewing with knit makes you a *smidge* nervous, the pattern walks you through each step of the way.  I am typically more comfortable with woven fabric – but the directions were amazing, and I did the whole dress without serging.  So, get the pattern, and try it for yourself.  I also used this blog for some basic knit tips: Seasoned Homemaker




The pattern emphasizes using good quality knit, and I cannot emphasize that enough. For the bodice I used a turquoise knit from Purple Seamstress Fabrics  that matched the woven Planes, Trains and Automobiles fabric from Windham Fabrics that I LOVELOVELOVE.  I am not a car person, but those vintage cars made me think of Dinah Shore’s song about “seeing the USA in your Chevrolet” and seemed perfect for a Roadtrip themed Roadtrip Racerback.


I love this pattern and so did Miss Ana, which is what is really important.  This is going to be a staple in our closet.  I *may* have 4 more planned out.




I would like to thank Cassie and the wonderful women at LLK for letting me blog. I would like to thank the sweet and gorgeous Miss Ana for modeling these pictures.  I would also like to thank the incredibly talented Andrea MacFarland for taking these beautiful pictures. She sews as beautifully as she photographs and you can visit her at her etsy shop RedClover RedClover .

Enter here for your chance to win you OWN copy of this AMAZING pattern:
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Little Lizard King – Pocket Romper Blog Tour, Day 2

Hi everyone!  I would like to start by thanking the talented women of Little Lizard King for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour.  I completely did the Denise Huxtable “I got my license” song and dance for an embarrassingly long time when I found out I got chosen to be on the blog tour.  I adore LLK patterns, the way the instructions are crafted, the helpful pictures and the quality of the fit.  Every LLK pattern I have ever sewn has turned out beautifully – even the ones when I was  brand new to sewing.  The pocket romper is another amazing pattern from LLK, and I hope you all love it as much as I do.


I don’t think there is anything sweeter in the world than littlebitties crawling/ toddling around in rompers.   They are a summer must, and I think this will become a staple pattern.  After all, anything that shows off babylegs is a MUST 😉  The adoring public NEEDS to see those baby thighs on a regular basis.  Sewing your own rompers allows you to add personality and fun to your baby’s closet. The pocket romper fits 0-3 monthes- 3 years.  A few of the design features include that it has (what I call) a flat front bodice, adorable pockets, and the crotch can be sewn shut or you can utilize the snap closure instructions.  Most importantly, it has flutter sleeves!!!  My heart skips beats for flutter sleeves (and babylegs 😉 ).


My LO is too big for the romper, but I have a 1 year old niece who fits nicely in the 18-24 month size.  My brother and SIL love comics and things of that genre, and so I wanted to make the romper out of fabric that they would appreciate.  I had this marvel comics fabric (from Joanns) that I had bought with the intention of something fabulous.  The pocket romper was perfect.  I choose coordinating colors from the Joann’s premium quilting cotton in: Hulk green,  Captain America blue and a red that matched Thor and Iron Man.   I also chose 3 different small prints to play around with patterns.  I wanted the marvel fabric to be the focus, but I wanted the romper to be detailed and fun regardless of what feature was being admires. I also added red ricrac to the bodice.  I LOVE flat front bodices because there are probably 100 ways to embellish them and they all turn out gorgeous!  And, I avoided my beloved buttons as I did not want the potential choking hazard.  But those doing bigger sizes, I can see LOTS of places to add button detail.


The construction of the romper was seamless (haha).   The instructions are the high caliber we know and love from LLK, and it went together quickly, even for me, the world slowest seamstress.  I did not have any problems with the pattern, which to be fair, says a lot about the fabric. (I do practice runs on tricky things before I use beloved fabric.)  I added rickrack at the top of the bodice so that there could be an extra pop of red on the bodice.  I sewed it on the rectangular front piece with the edge lining up with the fabric edge, thinking that with the ¼ inch seam allowance, it *might* work perfectly, and it did.  I tacked the edges behind the strap, and was really pleased with the added detail 🙂  Yes, I was that kid who had to constantly be de-accessorized, some things never change 😉


I had the dritz snap tap, and it seemed like there was less space between the snap and the edge of the tape than the tape pictures in the pattern, but that could just be my eyes playing tricks.  My lack of experience with my zipper foot gave me some struggles sewing on the raised side of the snap tap.  But, after I took a few breaths and said a few prayers and slowed down (yes, even for me), it worked just fine.  I am, however, taking this as a message from the universe that I need a snap setter.  😉


I love the pattern, and think this will be a great baby shower present for those of us whose little ones aren’t as little anymore.  My favorite part about this pattern is that you can embellish it as much or as little as you want and it will still be a show stopper.  Short on time, skip the pockets and it will be even faster.  Want to knock yourself out?  Add 3 rows of gathered fabric across the tushy that match the ruffles on the pockets to take the embellishing a step further.   I love that fit is “blousy” so that baby can move, dance, and play uninhibited.


Thanks again to the fabulous LLK Ladies.  I would also like to thank the talented Natalie Roseman of The Sassy Pumpkin for taking the beautiful pictures of the adorable Little Miss.  And, I would also like to thank the sweet mama who allowed me to borrow her gorgeous Little Miss for this blog tour!  Her expressions are priceless.  I *think* she is planning to take over the world 🙂


My sappy side note – I truly, from the bottom of my heart LOVE the sewing community we have.  There is a wealth of beautiful, creative, and caring women here, and I LOVE how supportive people are of each other and their work.  I learn and grow from you all, and I appreciate it!  Happy Sewing!  And make sure to enter the rafflecopter give-a-way to win your own free copy of LLK’s pocket romper!!!  raffle copter entry  here :

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Pattern Revolution: Everyday Character – Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat


Dress-up is a SERIOUS business in our house. While I LOVE to sew dresses that I think are beautiful, character sewing is probably my favorite type of sewing. How could anyone ever refuse a sweet request to make a new “dress-up”?   So, when I saw this contest, even though I have made several BG and TDD items that have been used for character dress-up, I really wanted to make something new. Any chance to go over the top and over embellish and I am THERE!

My first thought was to use SLPco’s Lily Lapel and make a Miss Hannigan (from Annie) costume. The character however did not seem appropriate for “dress-up” even though I still think the dress would have been gorgeous! Then I thought about using the TDD Storybook Pinafore Pattern to create a little red riding hood outfit and “photo shop” in a wolf, but my photo editing skills were not quite up to adding a wolf    .

When I asked what my LO wanted for her new dress-up, she said a “Joseph” dress… a “Joseph AMAZING Technicolor Dream Coat” dress. Yes, as in the play “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat”.   It is an incredible show and if you have not seen it– SERIOUSLY – get online and find it and go!!! Tons of community theaters perform the play.   Here is a picture – taken from the movie – to show what the broadway version of a Joseph coat would look like:


I took her shopping and let her pick the fabrics and trim. She wanted striped fabric. I tried MIGHTILY to steer her to the hot pink, lime green, and zebra print stripe fabric. The LO said no, and chose a fabric of blues, reds, and greens that she said looked more like what the real Joseph would have worn. And lots and lots of gold trim bc as the song said he “wore his coat, with golden lining, bright colors shining …”.

In our community, there have been a lot of outdoor productions of Joseph in the summer months. I wanted to make a Joseph dress and coat, so that if she got hot, she could take her coat off and still be in character. For her dress, I made the Little Lizard King trendsetter. I chose it because the pattern has thin straps and would be very cool under the coat. I followed the directions exactly, and it was a perfect fit. My favorite part of the dress was the snaps on the straps… SHEER BRILLIANCE. Anyone who has ever dressed an uncooperative child will understand the genius of snaps. Pictured here, is the divine Miss E, who chest measurement is one inch smaller than my dd. The extra inch pulls the bodice higher on my LO.

IMG_7892lr2 IMG_7889lr2 IMG_7895lr2

Now, for the MAIN part of the character costume: the coat. Again, because there are so many outdoor performances, I choose to do a sleeveless coat.   And for my pattern, I choose my favorite brownie goose pattern, Lazy Susan, but I reversed it so the opening was in the front like a coat. To make sure this would work, and lay correctly, I did double check and try a LS on her backwards and I liked the way it laid.

I made the bodice exactly like the pattern calls for, lining it in the same fabric as the outside. The skirt, that was another story, and I don’t mind telling you, a TRUE labor of love! I used 2 selvage widths for the skirt with an extra 3 inches of length so it would TWIRL in a double layer over the dress. After I sewed the center seam and folded in the edges, I sewed the gold trim on all 3 sides. The BEAST of it was lining the skirt so that when it twirled, it was GORGEOUS. I carefully measured so the lining would fit over the first skirt without overlapping. (If you ever work with this gold trim from hobby lobby, trust me on this, once you puncture it in the ruffle part, there are no pleasant words for the large hole it will become. This is why it couldn’t be sewn and flipped like the flutters on the lazy susan… the trim would not have survived the pinning. YUCK!) I added the skirt to the bodice and enclosed the seam. Then, I added the same trim to the waist that I added to the waist of the dress and added 2 gold toggles at the neckline. I was thrilled. BEYOND thrilled really. And my LO… let’s just say this can be heard LOUDLY at all hours 😉


“I wore my coat, with golden lining
Bright colours shining, wonderful and new
And in the east, the dawn was breaking
And the world was waking
Any dream will do…

Give me my coloured coat,
my amazing coloured coat!!”

Thank you to the ladies at Pattern Revolution for the great contest… and to Amy, Jen and Katie for feeding our addiction   😉  I’d also like to thank Andrea of RedCloverRedClover for using her mad skills to take these pics for me.  Check out her blog and contest entry at:

Upcycling – Solving That Last Minute Wardrobe Crisis

We’ve all been there… that last minute invitation was received and your LO CLEARLY has nothing, NOTHING that is acceptable to wear. After a brief moment of daydreaming about when these wardrobe crisis’s were about your OWN wardrobe, you remember that you are an upcycling GENIUS. This gal loves an upcycle. I don’t get to do it often, but thrift shops often have items with great, unique fabric, buttons and trims on them. So, go to Goodwill on 50% off day and see what you find.

I was lucky enough to have had this shirt in a closet… ok, it was in grandma’s closet, but she donated to the cause. The invitation came in to go see summer fireworks.  The knit had a good rebound to it, and I thought it would be a PERFECT everyday playskirt by little lizard king. The best bonus being, I used the hem already in the bottom of the skirt and didn’t have to hem it myself…#doublewordscore!

Technically, this waistband is less wide than the pattern calls for due to this literally being all the knit I had from the skirt. That being said, I liked the look of it being smaller. I also really liked the red with the white stars. It was adorable, summer-y, patriotic and yet could still be worn over leggings this past winter without getting “the look” from the perfectly coiffed mothers I passed.

I have several other gems I hope to upcycle this summer J And I really mean this if you are out there, hit me with pics of your upcycles.


(Goodbye in Gaelic)

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Climate Change…Sewing along with Pattern Revolution

I need to make an outfit for a funeral… an unexpected funeral of a very dear loved one who loved my sewing and was very proud of my emerging skills. I knew this person would LOVE if I dressed my LO in mama-made finery for the funeral. I didn’t have a pattern with long sleeves that had the type of bodice that I wanted. So…I decided to try to add sleeves from on pattern to another. The fabric, trim and buttons all came from Hancocks. I still love this fabric. It is black, and funeral appropriate, but there is something happy and life affirming about the flowers.

While I HATE to say it… I am a pattern follower…. Yuck, ok, that is over with and now that it is out there. I buy the patterns from my favorite designers, the ones I KNOW I love their instructions, and I tend to mix and match details. After this… and reading some of my favorite pattern revolution challenges this past year, I feel more confident in my abilities to change some patterns up on my own.

I started with the Lazy Susan in a 4/5 from Brownie Goose, which is probably my all time favorite church dress pattern. It always, always comes through for me. I have tried adding other sleeves in the past. This time I added the Lennon sleeve, which adds the sweet gathered “puff” at the shoulder. The sleeve eased into the Lazy Susan perfectly, and I could not have loved it more. It was exactly what we needed for the funeral, and a perfect Climate change for pattern revolution. I took a sleeveless summer pattern and added sleeves to make it appropriate for winter.

So stay tuned… this time I added sleeve… I am altering a bodice length as this is being written… watch out world… I am adapting patterns and I think I like it…

Also – as a FUN aside… I was trying to take new pics with the lilac bush outside…however – the bumblebees who call the tree home were furious!!! They kept dive bombing me… YIKES. I won’t call it swarming… but the 4th time I got dive bombed by double digit bumblebees I decided I liked the pictures I already had just fine. Using my head… that’s the lump 3 feet above my, well, moving on… Bumblees=1; me=0

Can’t wait to see what other people came up with for this challenge J


(Goodbye in Gaelic)

Adding a sleeve can make all the difference
Adding a sleeve can make all the difference

dress2 dress3

pattern revolution