Climate Change…Sewing along with Pattern Revolution

I need to make an outfit for a funeral… an unexpected funeral of a very dear loved one who loved my sewing and was very proud of my emerging skills. I knew this person would LOVE if I dressed my LO in mama-made finery for the funeral. I didn’t have a pattern with long sleeves that had the type of bodice that I wanted. So…I decided to try to add sleeves from on pattern to another. The fabric, trim and buttons all came from Hancocks. I still love this fabric. It is black, and funeral appropriate, but there is something happy and life affirming about the flowers.

While I HATE to say it… I am a pattern follower…. Yuck, ok, that is over with and now that it is out there. I buy the patterns from my favorite designers, the ones I KNOW I love their instructions, and I tend to mix and match details. After this… and reading some of my favorite pattern revolution challenges this past year, I feel more confident in my abilities to change some patterns up on my own.

I started with the Lazy Susan in a 4/5 from Brownie Goose, which is probably my all time favorite church dress pattern. It always, always comes through for me. I have tried adding other sleeves in the past. This time I added the Lennon sleeve, which adds the sweet gathered “puff” at the shoulder. The sleeve eased into the Lazy Susan perfectly, and I could not have loved it more. It was exactly what we needed for the funeral, and a perfect Climate change for pattern revolution. I took a sleeveless summer pattern and added sleeves to make it appropriate for winter.

So stay tuned… this time I added sleeve… I am altering a bodice length as this is being written… watch out world… I am adapting patterns and I think I like it…

Also – as a FUN aside… I was trying to take new pics with the lilac bush outside…however – the bumblebees who call the tree home were furious!!! They kept dive bombing me… YIKES. I won’t call it swarming… but the 4th time I got dive bombed by double digit bumblebees I decided I liked the pictures I already had just fine. Using my head… that’s the lump 3 feet above my, well, moving on… Bumblees=1; me=0

Can’t wait to see what other people came up with for this challenge J


(Goodbye in Gaelic)

Adding a sleeve can make all the difference
Adding a sleeve can make all the difference

dress2 dress3

pattern revolution


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