Upcycling – Solving That Last Minute Wardrobe Crisis

We’ve all been there… that last minute invitation was received and your LO CLEARLY has nothing, NOTHING that is acceptable to wear. After a brief moment of daydreaming about when these wardrobe crisis’s were about your OWN wardrobe, you remember that you are an upcycling GENIUS. This gal loves an upcycle. I don’t get to do it often, but thrift shops often have items with great, unique fabric, buttons and trims on them. So, go to Goodwill on 50% off day and see what you find.

I was lucky enough to have had this shirt in a closet… ok, it was in grandma’s closet, but she donated to the cause. The invitation came in to go see summer fireworks.  The knit had a good rebound to it, and I thought it would be a PERFECT everyday playskirt by little lizard king. The best bonus being, I used the hem already in the bottom of the skirt and didn’t have to hem it myself…#doublewordscore!

Technically, this waistband is less wide than the pattern calls for due to this literally being all the knit I had from the skirt. That being said, I liked the look of it being smaller. I also really liked the red with the white stars. It was adorable, summer-y, patriotic and yet could still be worn over leggings this past winter without getting “the look” from the perfectly coiffed mothers I passed.

I have several other gems I hope to upcycle this summer J And I really mean this if you are out there, hit me with pics of your upcycles.


(Goodbye in Gaelic)

pattern revolutionDSC08510 DSC08509 DSC08428


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