Pattern Revolution: Everyday Character – Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat


Dress-up is a SERIOUS business in our house. While I LOVE to sew dresses that I think are beautiful, character sewing is probably my favorite type of sewing. How could anyone ever refuse a sweet request to make a new “dress-up”?   So, when I saw this contest, even though I have made several BG and TDD items that have been used for character dress-up, I really wanted to make something new. Any chance to go over the top and over embellish and I am THERE!

My first thought was to use SLPco’s Lily Lapel and make a Miss Hannigan (from Annie) costume. The character however did not seem appropriate for “dress-up” even though I still think the dress would have been gorgeous! Then I thought about using the TDD Storybook Pinafore Pattern to create a little red riding hood outfit and “photo shop” in a wolf, but my photo editing skills were not quite up to adding a wolf    .

When I asked what my LO wanted for her new dress-up, she said a “Joseph” dress… a “Joseph AMAZING Technicolor Dream Coat” dress. Yes, as in the play “Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat”.   It is an incredible show and if you have not seen it– SERIOUSLY – get online and find it and go!!! Tons of community theaters perform the play.   Here is a picture – taken from the movie – to show what the broadway version of a Joseph coat would look like:


I took her shopping and let her pick the fabrics and trim. She wanted striped fabric. I tried MIGHTILY to steer her to the hot pink, lime green, and zebra print stripe fabric. The LO said no, and chose a fabric of blues, reds, and greens that she said looked more like what the real Joseph would have worn. And lots and lots of gold trim bc as the song said he “wore his coat, with golden lining, bright colors shining …”.

In our community, there have been a lot of outdoor productions of Joseph in the summer months. I wanted to make a Joseph dress and coat, so that if she got hot, she could take her coat off and still be in character. For her dress, I made the Little Lizard King trendsetter. I chose it because the pattern has thin straps and would be very cool under the coat. I followed the directions exactly, and it was a perfect fit. My favorite part of the dress was the snaps on the straps… SHEER BRILLIANCE. Anyone who has ever dressed an uncooperative child will understand the genius of snaps. Pictured here, is the divine Miss E, who chest measurement is one inch smaller than my dd. The extra inch pulls the bodice higher on my LO.

IMG_7892lr2 IMG_7889lr2 IMG_7895lr2

Now, for the MAIN part of the character costume: the coat. Again, because there are so many outdoor performances, I choose to do a sleeveless coat.   And for my pattern, I choose my favorite brownie goose pattern, Lazy Susan, but I reversed it so the opening was in the front like a coat. To make sure this would work, and lay correctly, I did double check and try a LS on her backwards and I liked the way it laid.

I made the bodice exactly like the pattern calls for, lining it in the same fabric as the outside. The skirt, that was another story, and I don’t mind telling you, a TRUE labor of love! I used 2 selvage widths for the skirt with an extra 3 inches of length so it would TWIRL in a double layer over the dress. After I sewed the center seam and folded in the edges, I sewed the gold trim on all 3 sides. The BEAST of it was lining the skirt so that when it twirled, it was GORGEOUS. I carefully measured so the lining would fit over the first skirt without overlapping. (If you ever work with this gold trim from hobby lobby, trust me on this, once you puncture it in the ruffle part, there are no pleasant words for the large hole it will become. This is why it couldn’t be sewn and flipped like the flutters on the lazy susan… the trim would not have survived the pinning. YUCK!) I added the skirt to the bodice and enclosed the seam. Then, I added the same trim to the waist that I added to the waist of the dress and added 2 gold toggles at the neckline. I was thrilled. BEYOND thrilled really. And my LO… let’s just say this can be heard LOUDLY at all hours 😉


“I wore my coat, with golden lining
Bright colours shining, wonderful and new
And in the east, the dawn was breaking
And the world was waking
Any dream will do…

Give me my coloured coat,
my amazing coloured coat!!”

Thank you to the ladies at Pattern Revolution for the great contest… and to Amy, Jen and Katie for feeding our addiction   😉  I’d also like to thank Andrea of RedCloverRedClover for using her mad skills to take these pics for me.  Check out her blog and contest entry at:


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