Little Lizard King – Pocket Romper Blog Tour, Day 2

Hi everyone!  I would like to start by thanking the talented women of Little Lizard King for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour.  I completely did the Denise Huxtable “I got my license” song and dance for an embarrassingly long time when I found out I got chosen to be on the blog tour.  I adore LLK patterns, the way the instructions are crafted, the helpful pictures and the quality of the fit.  Every LLK pattern I have ever sewn has turned out beautifully – even the ones when I was  brand new to sewing.  The pocket romper is another amazing pattern from LLK, and I hope you all love it as much as I do.


I don’t think there is anything sweeter in the world than littlebitties crawling/ toddling around in rompers.   They are a summer must, and I think this will become a staple pattern.  After all, anything that shows off babylegs is a MUST 😉  The adoring public NEEDS to see those baby thighs on a regular basis.  Sewing your own rompers allows you to add personality and fun to your baby’s closet. The pocket romper fits 0-3 monthes- 3 years.  A few of the design features include that it has (what I call) a flat front bodice, adorable pockets, and the crotch can be sewn shut or you can utilize the snap closure instructions.  Most importantly, it has flutter sleeves!!!  My heart skips beats for flutter sleeves (and babylegs 😉 ).


My LO is too big for the romper, but I have a 1 year old niece who fits nicely in the 18-24 month size.  My brother and SIL love comics and things of that genre, and so I wanted to make the romper out of fabric that they would appreciate.  I had this marvel comics fabric (from Joanns) that I had bought with the intention of something fabulous.  The pocket romper was perfect.  I choose coordinating colors from the Joann’s premium quilting cotton in: Hulk green,  Captain America blue and a red that matched Thor and Iron Man.   I also chose 3 different small prints to play around with patterns.  I wanted the marvel fabric to be the focus, but I wanted the romper to be detailed and fun regardless of what feature was being admires. I also added red ricrac to the bodice.  I LOVE flat front bodices because there are probably 100 ways to embellish them and they all turn out gorgeous!  And, I avoided my beloved buttons as I did not want the potential choking hazard.  But those doing bigger sizes, I can see LOTS of places to add button detail.


The construction of the romper was seamless (haha).   The instructions are the high caliber we know and love from LLK, and it went together quickly, even for me, the world slowest seamstress.  I did not have any problems with the pattern, which to be fair, says a lot about the fabric. (I do practice runs on tricky things before I use beloved fabric.)  I added rickrack at the top of the bodice so that there could be an extra pop of red on the bodice.  I sewed it on the rectangular front piece with the edge lining up with the fabric edge, thinking that with the ¼ inch seam allowance, it *might* work perfectly, and it did.  I tacked the edges behind the strap, and was really pleased with the added detail 🙂  Yes, I was that kid who had to constantly be de-accessorized, some things never change 😉


I had the dritz snap tap, and it seemed like there was less space between the snap and the edge of the tape than the tape pictures in the pattern, but that could just be my eyes playing tricks.  My lack of experience with my zipper foot gave me some struggles sewing on the raised side of the snap tap.  But, after I took a few breaths and said a few prayers and slowed down (yes, even for me), it worked just fine.  I am, however, taking this as a message from the universe that I need a snap setter.  😉


I love the pattern, and think this will be a great baby shower present for those of us whose little ones aren’t as little anymore.  My favorite part about this pattern is that you can embellish it as much or as little as you want and it will still be a show stopper.  Short on time, skip the pockets and it will be even faster.  Want to knock yourself out?  Add 3 rows of gathered fabric across the tushy that match the ruffles on the pockets to take the embellishing a step further.   I love that fit is “blousy” so that baby can move, dance, and play uninhibited.


Thanks again to the fabulous LLK Ladies.  I would also like to thank the talented Natalie Roseman of The Sassy Pumpkin for taking the beautiful pictures of the adorable Little Miss.  And, I would also like to thank the sweet mama who allowed me to borrow her gorgeous Little Miss for this blog tour!  Her expressions are priceless.  I *think* she is planning to take over the world 🙂


My sappy side note – I truly, from the bottom of my heart LOVE the sewing community we have.  There is a wealth of beautiful, creative, and caring women here, and I LOVE how supportive people are of each other and their work.  I learn and grow from you all, and I appreciate it!  Happy Sewing!  And make sure to enter the rafflecopter give-a-way to win your own free copy of LLK’s pocket romper!!!  raffle copter entry  here :

a Rafflecopter giveaway


21 thoughts on “Little Lizard King – Pocket Romper Blog Tour, Day 2

  1. I absolutely love this! Just enough girly mixed with the right amount of fearless hero!! This was my first visit to your blog and I just love your writing style- real, funny, practical…


    • Thanks so much… I would like to think that describes me “real, funny, practical” 😉 except for the fabric hoarding… and I love doing girly dresses with super hero fabric… I think most girls are half princess and half super hero 😉 Stay tuned, I will be blogging another pattern in the semi-near future that I think everyone will LOVE too 🙂


  2. Quick question I’m am stuck on a few things on the leg elastic do you sew it down all the way around or just the bottom two side silly question I know


    • Hi. I think we are chatting on fb too 🙂 but just in case, 1 – nothing is silly 😉 I joke that I sew everything twice bc the first time I am always wrong… I am a tactile learner, and you would NOT believe the things I have done while learning. The leg elastic for this size was 9.75 inches, and I had to REALLY REALLY stretch it across each leg opening to have the 9.75 inches cover the whole leg (and then repeat on the other side) … I did not sew over the crotch as this is going on a baby still in diapers…you can though… does that help? if not, let me know…


  3. I would love this to make rompers for my friends’ girls. I haven’t had any girls of my own yet, but have plenty of marvel hero cotton print. 😀


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