Oh Luna I love you so…


“Let me tell you ’bout a girl I know, She is my baby, and…That’s why I know, yes, I know, Hallelujah, I just love her so (~Ray Charles)” … Oh Luna, I love you so (~Me).

You KNOW you have made something AMAZING when a song pops into your head when you are finishing your hem and you get that first glimpse of your finished dress. And thank you Ray Charles, I couldn’t have said it better myself, “Hallelujah, I love (Luna) so.”


Let me tell you all, THE Brownie Goose has outdone herself this time. We all have our favorite Brownie Goose patterns… I have been split between #TeamTilly and #TeamLazySusan from the beginning of my BG days. While I feel a little disloyal, I have to say, move over ladies! Mama has a new love and it is REAL serious! I am now officially #teamLuna (and I am completely envisioning a #team “discussions” MrBig/Aidan or Edward/Jacob style — complete with shirts).


We all look for different things when we are looking at new patterns, and one of my evaluating Questions is “is this pattern substantially different than other patterns I have?” For Luna, the answer is yes! Now – what makes Luna special? I am glad you asked! Luna has a yoke with enclosed seams (a must for any kiddo with texture preferences, SPD, OCD). Luna’s yoke is PERFECT for that fancy ribbon and trim that you have been hoarding. The yoke is a great focal point to show off all kinds of embellishments. (And Luna is a great motivator to learn hand embroidery!!!)


Luna has princess seams, which were a first for me. Luna’s side panels let you get creative with fabric. Some of the testers used AMAZING fabric choices to really showcase all the potential that these panels could bring to your finished dress.   You can see those here in the Brownie-Goose Lovers FB group. I love longer dresses and add length to nearly everything I sew. I did not add any length here – but it is important to note that there are great tutorials in the pattern for changing the length of the dress and sleeves.


Now … one of the unique design features of Luna is the blousy shape, which affects the size you would choose. My DD was between sizes, and so as I usually do, I choose the bigger size. I am happy that I did as I am hoping for 2 Christmases out of the dress. Choosing the bigger size and doing a narrow hem added 2-3 inches, which again – I LOVE.  Since we all have hemline preferences, I thought it was important to share.  But if you are between sizes, and prefer a more fitted or shorter look, then I would suggest choosing the smaller of the two sizes.


If you haven’t sewn ribbons before – check out this blog on working with ribbons. I learned a LOT about sewing jacquard ribbons, including that need to sew the whole ribbon in the same direction, ie from the top down every place that you are sewing the ribbon.

When I set out to make this dress, I wanted to make a beautiful Christmas dress with the flavor of an old Santa robe.  Robert Kaufman has a cotton/ color card with samples of all 303 colors—you are welcome. 😉 To get the look I was hoping for, I used Robert Kaufman fabrics (YUM!) Kona Cotton in RED (K001-1308) for the entire dress. I used Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Linen Blend Flax (E024-1143).  Both matched the French General jacquard ribbon perfectly. I *may* have done a happy dance for picking a color in the cotton/linen fabric online that matched the ribbon so well. I also added the ruffle at the cuff from the BG Betsy pattern. The time where kiddos willingly wear ruffles is so short, my philosophy is ruffle EVERYTHING.


I am all about the little details when I sew. I could spend HOURS picking the perfect buttons…HOURS I tell you. These vintage mother-of-pearl buttons were perfect for the back closure. And while you can’t see it, these were my first PERFECT button holes— YEAH!


The testers all had such different interpretations of Luna, and each was incredible. To me this means, if I want a less elegant Luna in character fabric, it will STILL be beautiful. #makeallthelunas


Clearly I am crushing hard on the newest BG pattern. You will soon be able to get her at the Brownie Goose shop, and you will fall in love too.   Thanks so much Amy for allowing me to test and blog Luna! Love her!  Thank you to Merav (and hubby) for their incredible late night tech support, you need superhero capes for that rescue!  Thank you to the INCREDIBLE Andrea of Redclover Redclover. She is an amazing seamstress, photographer, and friend, and I am grateful for her.   And thank you to the effervescent Miss Anna, who’s beautiful smile could make me buy anything!

Enter here to to win your own FREE copy of Luna

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