New pattern from the creative mind behind one of your fabric fabric shops, One Red Blossom


There is always something special about a first.  First words… First steps… First sewing lesson…First completed sewing projects… First completed sewing projects when you were happy with the final product.


Well, the incredibly talented Wei of One Red Blossom is releasing her FIRST pattern called the Best in Class Dress. You can get your own copy here.  And if you haven’t checked out One Red Blossom for fabric, then RUN and check it out… she even has a section on hard to find and out of print fabric #enableralert  #youvebeenwarned.


I was lucky enough to test the Best in Class dress,  and I LOVE it…  I made a straight size 6, though there are also slim sizes available letting you customize for a perfect fit.  I used Andover – Ex Libris – Bookplate in Indigo for the skirt and bodice and Andover – Ex Libris – Historical Fiction in Strawberry for the straps…and BOTH are available for sale at One Red Blossom.


This was my first time sewing with Andover Fabrics, and absolutely not my last.  Buying fabric online can be a challenge for me as the texture of the fabric is important to the little darlings for whom I sew.  The fabric washed up beautifully and the colors were as vibrant after being washed as they were before I washed it.  I was incredibly impressed with the quality of the fabric and the texture was AMAZING!   I *may* now have a big wish list of Andover fabric… but that is another story. 😉


Now – for the pattern details.  The construction is easy to follow.   The sweet heart neckline is divine.  I will admit I was a bit intimidated about those curves, but I followed the instructions and they came out beautifully.  Remember to clip like your life depends on it – and it will be perfect!!! The straps and size of the bodice will make this a great stash buster as well for funky little fabric mixup dresses… or that incredibly expensive piece of fabric that you only bought a little of.


The dress is gorgeous and is equally beautiful when layered over a long sleeved shirt as some of the testers pictures showed.  The dress is assembled with an elastic back and the tie-back length allowing the fit to be adjusted by making a bigger or smaller bow.  I think that is a great feature, as it allows your darling to wear the dress longer, or even the sharing of dresses between siblings.  #mamawin


I would like to thank Wei for letting me test!  I love the pattern, and it was a lot of fun.  I would also like to thank the incredibly talented Andrea of RedClover RedClover, not only does she sew beautifully and create amazing custom dresses, she is a beautiful photographer and I am grateful she shares her talents with me.  And special thank you to the ever gorgeous Miss Anna, who brings such beautiful life to everything she wears.  Happy Sewing!!!



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