Winnie Pinnie: Summer Perfection!


I am so excited to be blogging for the Winnie Pinnie blog tour.  Little Lizard King’s Winne Pinnie is so precious, you think, WHY would you hack it – it is PERFECT as is.  I get it, really I do… it is just sometimes you want to see if you can successfully hack it.  The challenge can be so much fun!


Using my Riley Blake Saltwater, I made the Winnie following all the directions – EXCEPT skirt length.  I did the 6 bodice, and an 8 length.  I may be in the minority on this, but I really LOVE tea length dresses, even on littles. What I love even more than the look – is the practicality.  My little one grows taller, but her chest measurement hasn’t changed a lot.  So starting with a tea length dress this year, means we will have a knee length dress next year.  Yes, it IS brilliant, especially when you REALLY love the fabric the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Riley Blake line.  And the Saltwater collection is PERFECTION, and little Miss Elsa looks adorable in it.  Open backs and mermaids, a perfect summer day!


I loved the back of Winnie Pinnie, and I really wanted to make it into a top because seriously, that back! And it is a perfect showcase for my favorite Bethany Lane customized buttons.  Those buttons are like Frank’s hot sauce, I put that “stuff” on everything 😉


Again, I used a 6 bodice, and added a size 6 peplum from LLK’s Harbor using the instructions from the harbor.  It was a great fit on Miss Ana, and I love the open back for summer.  Is there anything sweeter than a seersucker open-backed top for summer?


As always, thanks to these precious girls for all their modeling efforts.  Thanks to the Incredible Andrea of Red Clover Red Clover for sharing her photography talents, check out her amazing sewing skills as well.  And thanks the incredible women at LLK for letting me participate in the blog tour.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s amazing stops on the Winnie Pinnie Blog Tour.


Happy Sewing!





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